cs004 seto yaki chawan | vintage japanese tea bowl for tea ceremony by kato keiya

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seto yaki chawan | 瀬戸焼 茶碗
vintage japanese tea bowl for tea ceremony by potter kato keiya | 加藤 敬也

item specifics

vintage seto yaki chawan

primary material: ceramic/porcelain/pottery/clay
origin: japan

use: tea bowl for tea ceremony
type: seto ware

age: about 1980-1990, vintage original

maker/kiln: kato keiya (1933 - 


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dia. 12,0cm (4.7") x height 9,3cm (3.7")

detailed description

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vintage japanese tea bowl of seto ware | 瀬戸焼 茶碗, made by the famous potter kato keiya | 加藤 敬也, born 1933 in aichi, making pottery in seto and ohara, selected for many nitten exhibitions and member of the japan new crafts federation.

age about 30-40 years.

the signature of the potter is carved on the bottom as ke | ケ in katakana.

original wooden box with signature and seal of the potter.

about seto ware

condition | particularities

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very good condition. no chips, no cracks.
see the pictures above.