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*) please note that i am not a professional dealer. i'm selling my own collection privately here.


june 4th 2024, 4 p.m.

'framingjapan': photos by romina achatz

framed with antique japanese ceramics from my collection

2nd tenjisokubaikai!  |  展示即売会! + 1st exhibition & sale this quater!

i would like you to kindly ask you to register shortly  --- sake tasting!


yakimono | 焼きもの

pottery | ceramics | porcelain

tenjisokubaikai!  |  展示即売会! - exhibition & sale quaterly!

i host quarterly sales in "the séparée", where i present a selection of chawan | 茶碗 - teabowls. besides drinking tea, we are tasting some sake and admire the nice guinomi | ぐい呑み - sake cups.
just enjoy and feel free to experience, even if not everything is for sale ...
i would like you to ask you to register shortly and in good time.

tō | 陶 - pottery
exposition now: arndtstrasse 19, a - 1120 wien