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yoshi  陶 よし

your shop* for

japanese pottery 陶トウ**

in my shop* you'll find all kind of antique or vintage
chawan | 茶碗 - teabowls and ceramics used in chanoyu | 茶の湯 - japanese tea ceremony and chadōgu | 茶道具 - tools and utensils used in chadō | 茶道 - the art of tea, as well as various pieces of chatō | 茶陶 - pottery "to make tea with skill".


sincerely yours,

yōyō | 陶陶 - pleased!

** | - pottery, also known as
yakimono | 焼きもの - earthenware; pottery; porcelain; ceramics
tōjiki | 陶磁器 - ceramics; pottery and porcelain

tōgei | 陶芸 - pottery

*) ... and please note that i am not a professional dealer. i'm selling my own collection privately here. 

japanese pottery

i am wholeheartedly addicted to japanese ceramics (including korean or chinese ones) and after over 40 years as a collector of these admirable exquisite antiques, i am also an expert in this field. i don't like to part with my best pieces, but i try my best to sell them to people who will appreciate this art.

about me

thoroughly architect and draftsman, meanwhile self-employed kindergarten teacher, i look after children and work with them with clay as an open and malleable material, encouraging their creativity.
i also organize clay&mud workshops for children.
finally, i'm not a professional antique dealer, but rather a connoisseur who wants to share my treasures with others.

my own work - absolute beginner

own pottery

in pottery, i am a freshly minted apprentice ... i try to learn everything i can from my teacher melanie.
in addition i also try to emulate the children in their genuine, open minded and honest creativity.
the clay&mud workshops for children are held in our ceramics atelier.

please contact me for any question


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